My art reflects the way in which I see the world – full of beauty, curious surprises and hidden connections. My perspective revolves around seeing things that are difficult to explain and exploring that which I myself appreciate or find beautiful, or perhaps just what I notice in something – whatever may attract my attention. I’m fascinated by shadows, colours, shapes and patterns, which I see regardless of what I’m looking at, and which are characteristic of my paintings, and I’m drawn by the interpretation of the human figure, faces, landscapes, buildings…

My starting point is quite clearly figurative, but I occasionally try to incorporate this in a dialogue with the abstract, the surreal or the hyper-realistic: for example, by focusing on overlooked details that have acquired an almost abstract character; through unexpected or illogical compositions; by breaking or repeating the motif; or by playing with trompe-l’oeil effects.

For the most part I use acrylics, which enable the painting to be built up quickly and spontaneously, layer by layer.

I’ve exhibited drawings and paintings at venues such as Aalborg’s central library, a centre of culture and media in Aalborg called Huset, the sixth-form college at Hasseris Gymnasium, Aalborg Hospital and the regional theatre in Hobro, as well as at various galleries such as Galleri Kildevæld, Galleri JenZen in Aalborg and Galleri Saltum.

In 2006 I was granted a period of residence by the Danish Council of Arts at an artist’s residence on the islands of Hirsholmene in order to concentrate on painting.


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